Adriane vinter bernini dave

Study of Berninis David

Adriane vinter 14

Study of a Mead Schaeffer painting

Adriane vinter 13

Study of a Dean Cornwell painting

Adriane vinter 8

Study of a portrait of Henri Fantin Latour by Carlos Duran

Adriane vinter 6

Study of a Young Girl by Juana Romani

Adriane vinter 7

Study of Monastery Graveyard in the Snow by Caspar David Friedrich

Adriane vinter 5

Study of a landscape painting by Thomas Moran

Adriane vinter 9

Study of a landscape painting by Sidney Richard Percy

Adriane vinter study norwaymountains cathrine a liberg liten

Study of a photo taken by C. A. Liberg at Borre

Masterstudies of different artists. To practice shape, value, and colour.

January 24, 2018